A closer look at the guitars already completed here at Dolan Custom Guitars. 

Mimas Legacy – Semi Hollow

FOR SALE – £1900


Ovangkol body with Spalted Walnut top (matching control cover)

Quartersawn Wenge Neck

Ziricote Fingerboard

Creamery Black Cat Filtertrons

Grainger Guitar Parts Bridge (string through)

Hipshot Grip Lock Tuners

Neck bolt System

Stainless steel frets 

Ebony knobs

Mimas – Legacy


Walnut body with Spalted maple top (matching control covers)

5 piece multi laminate neck (roasted maple/wenge/birdseye maple)

Ebony Fingerboard

Bareknuckle Mississippi Queen pickups

Schaller Hannes bridge and M6 Locking Tuners

Stainless steel neck bolts

Stainless steel frets 

UV glow side dots

Ebony knobs and tuner buttons